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                                                                 His New Beginning

The gun was loaded,  my finger on the trigger, those feelings and regrets were flooding back into my mind. I took a drag off my cigarette, exhaling through my nose. The barrel of the gun held close to his head. I looked in his blue eyes and saw my blood red eyes in the reflection. I sucked back another drag off my smoke, exhaling out my mouth now. My razor sharp teeth clenched tight. Looking in his eyes, I thought to myself, I know him... No... I knew him. He was me at a better time, before the demon came around. I looked at the gun puffing off my smoke, this would be to easy. I have to do it a different way. I have  to torture this soul. I sat in deep thought, chain smoking for hours on end. I spent plenty of time in his mind, I know what hurts him.

A crooked broken grin crept eerily across my chapped lips, my teeth glinting in the pale light. I had the perfect idea... I will torture him, how he already tortured himself....

The beaten figure in the shadows knew at that moment, he was damned for eternal torture. That figure in shadows was well defined by his name. His name was

He was unable to move, I had control of the shadows, and they held him. He watched me as I looked through my things, I found my razor, he felt pain burn through him. I knew he saw it and what it meant. I started at the beginning, holding my left forearm out starting to carve the words  SAVE ME into my flesh. He screamed. The difference between us is, he has blood in his veins, mine pump hate and anger. I then carved a heart above my left thumb, he began crying. He wasn't bleeding, I knew that, he felt these scars burning in his skin all over again. I then exposed my left calf, I began carving seven lines in to my flesh. He was in agony, I carved an S into my calf as well. He screamed as if he was on fire. I finally carved the word HELP into my leg. His finals screams were blood curdling, it didn't bother me, nothing bothers me anymore. I lit another cigarette walking out of the dark room. He continued screaming for hours on end, I just turned up my music and smoked...

His screams were loud, but my music was louder. No one would notice. Who would? We were in the middle of no where. 

I watched as the smoke curled around in the air, it was calming. The shadows danced in the corners whispering to me. I answered back, I watched as they changed shapes, turning into people who I knew would rip him apart. Every couple of hours I would hear him screaming and crying, shouting out YOU AREN'T REAL, he cried shouting out the names of his past. He cried and screamed and shouted. I listened, I knew his heart felt as if it was wrapped in barbed wire and chains. 

I sat and listened as a crooked smile creeped across my broken face, my razor sharp teeth stained with blood showing in the pale light, smoke streaming out from between them. I grit my teeth chuckling softly, I was ripping him apart bit by bit. I hadn't even touched him and he was in agonizing pain. I took a long drag off of my cigarette and exhaled through my nose and started laughing, I laughed like a maniac my teeth glinting in the light, my blood red eyes wide and had an evil look in them, feeling no regret. I felt a sadistic joy building inside me. The shadows still danced in the corners, becoming more vicious and demented. I am a twisted entity, I knew it and he now knows it. 

He created me, he brought me to life, thinking I could help him through the hard times. He made me a demon, so he could shrug off the emotions. When pain and anger came to him, he let me take control and shrug it off.He believed I could save him. He made me so my heart pumped hate and anger, he gave me these eyes, these teeth. He gave me this power and my wings. He created this demeted entity that contained nothing but hate and spite. He created something he thought would save him, but in the end it would destroy him.

I stood up and the shadows stopped moving and watched me. He was still screaming in the room, I walked towards the door and stepped outside. I felt the dry dirt crunch under my boots, I stretched my arms and my back cracked in multiple places. I felt my wings beginning to tear through the skin on my back. I grinned as my wings began to unfold, two leathery tattered grey demonic wings stretched out behind me, a handful of feathers clinging onto them. I closed my eyes lighting another cigarette taking a deep breathe and exhaling, my music still playing in the background. I walked back into the building and sit down my wings still out. The shadows shivered and I smirked.

He was quiet, I whispered to the shadows and he began screaming again. My knuckles are torn apart, the blood was dried on the walls and I could feel the bone shifting under my skin. I took a drag off of my cigarette holding it in and exhaling through my nose. I closed my eyes breathing deeply.

I sat there remembering all of the things i have done. I remembered all of the souls I tortured, thousands of souls. The days where technology was barely thought of, where the only weapons were blades.  I massacred towns, I piled the bodies in the town square and sat on the top in the light of the full moon. I watched the crimson liquid of their bodies run through the cobblestone roads. The dying screams of the villagers was music to me ears. I sat there drinking and laughing as they tried to stop me. My swords were stuck in the bodies at the top of the pile.

I snapped back to reality, his screams were echoing through the empty house. I lit another cigarette and exhaled out my nose as I stood up. I walked upstairs and looked a black door nd walked into the room, at the back of the room sat a locked chest. I walked up to the chest and unlocked it slowly opening it. I reached in an pull out two swords, I carried them downstairs and set them on the table. I pulled them out of the sheaths and started at all the blood stains on them smirking. He kept screaming in pain and agony. I admired my swords. They were twins, made of the strongest black steel in this world and the other. I ran my finger along one, tracing the golden engravings that lined it. I smirked feeling their power. Over the years these swords and I had become connected. My power and hate coursed through their steel.

A cigarette hanging out of my mouth I glanced at the concrete wall beside me, balled my fist and slammed my fist into it as hard as I could. He was in the room begging for mercy and for it all to end. I heard him fearfully ask WHAT WAS THAT? I attatched my swords to my sides and slowly walked towards the door of the room he was in. I took a drag off of my cigarette and exhaled deeply the smoke wrapping around the few streaks of light shining through the boarded up windows. The shadows were streaming off of the sheathes of my swords. My wing spread out as I approached the door. That crooked grin crept across my lips again as I opened the door. He looked at me with a fearful look in his eyes as I shut the door. 

I looked into the darkness behind him, there was a reaper looming over his head. His death was near, I knew it quite well, I had the feeling that he might have known it too. I placed my hands on the hilts of my swords. He looked at me, he finally realized what was about to happen. i unsheathed my swords and walked about six circles around him, the shadows trailing off of me. I stopped infront of him and had the shadows lift him up. I looked him dead in the eyes, grinning like a manic my blood stained razor sharp teeth showing and my eyes a dark crimson red. He was scared beyond belief, I stepped back and raised my swords. His lip was quivering as he began to cry. I lined both of my swords up and swung in one clean motion. There was silence for a few seconds , then there was a thud. I cut his head clean off and it hit the floor, his body fell after making an even larger thud, there began to be a dripping. His blood was dripping from his neck. 

I began laughing again, a deranged maniacal laughter rang through the empty house. I lit another cigarette. This is where he ends, and I.... Begin.


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I am a teen who doodles in my notebooks and sometimes all over my school work. Music runs my life but drawing is fun too :p

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